YouTuber William Osman claims MrBeast’s Squid Game was “traumatic” to be part of

Youtuber william osman called his behind-the-scenes work on mrbeast’s squid game video “traumatic,” and explained its ups and downs. Many youtube fans likely remember the tremendous stir that mrbeast’s massive squid game video made online in 2021.

Youtubers across the internet praised the video’s ingenuity, with some big creators like william osman even helping out behind the scenes.

However, the experience working on the project wasn’t without its flaws, as osman recently acknowledged the experience as “traumatic” to be a part of.

William Osman talks behind-the-scenes of MrBeast’s Squid Game

Osman recently appeared on the trash taste podcast, where the topic of his work on mrbeast’s squid game project came up. When host connor ‘cdawgva’ colquhoun asked whether he was “digging up trauma” by asking about osman’s experience working on the technical side of the video, osman acknowledged it was pretty traumatic.

For those who may not know, osman and other fellow youtube creators who specialize in engineering projects were brought on to help mrbeast develop specialized squibs — special effects equipment used for small explosions and blood effects — for the production.

However, the engineer explained that no device on the market exists for that scale on the estimated budget the team had.

“we went through this nightmare process to…completely synthesize from scratch, a device that could be replicated 500 times in basically two weeks.”

In fact, osman only found out about the project three weeks before shoot day. “week one was essentially what people think you have three weeks for.”

He went on to explain the many pitfalls his production team experienced developing the squibs, which included design companies falling through and multiple all-nighters.

Though the youtuber clarified he was proud of the final product and admitted the experience was fun in hindsight, he also reiterated it was extremely stressful.

“it was hands down type-2 fun. It was one of the worst experiences of my entire life.”
With mrbeast teasing more ambitious netflix series ideas, it remains to be seen whether or not osman is willing to help out on another viral video production. Still, he admitted he would be open to another collaboration given the right circumstances.


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