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Osman created what would become his main youtube channel on november 25, 2013. The majority of his early videos centered around testing his 80 watt laser cutter named “Retina smelter 9000”, in which different unconventional materials were examined for their ease of laser cutting.

Early in december 2017, osman and his wife, chelsea, lost their home in the thomas fire. A gofundme account was started by his family friend to help pay for the damages. Osman posted a youtube video about the house fire on december 5, 2017, and it quickly went viral. The gofundme campaign had a goal of $10,000, but surpassed $120,000 from more than 6,300 donors in 20 hours. Osman’s channel gained a lot of attention in the period immediately following the f

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About William Osman

As of april 2022, osman has posted over 150 videos and accumulated over 377 million views. His channel hit 1 million subscribers in june 2019. He has collaborated with mark rober, simone giertz, and many other maker youtubers. In august 2019, he partnered with the u.S. Navy for part of their sailor vs seriesire.

The navy worked with three youtube creators with a focus on science, technology, and math, inviting them to highlight different technical roles and equipment. Osman was invited aboard the uss theodore roosevelt to compete in an egg drop competition against a pair of sailors from a cybersecurity team.

"I'm Done" and current hiatus from YouTube

On July 19, 2019, Osman created a second channel for behind the scenes footage and snippets of his life. His second channel now consists of videos with ranging topics: unboxing videos, follow-ups, and smaller quick videos. As of April 2022, it has amassed over 351,000 subscribers.

On October 25, 2021, William Posted A Nearly 23 Minute Video Simply Titled “I’m Done”. In It, He Describes How Many Hateful Comments He Had Gotten As Of Recently Had Taken A Toll On His Mental Health, And That He Was Indefinitely Stepping Away From Youtube Content. William Osman Merch