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William Osman Also Known As Crabsandscience, Is An American Youtuber Well Known For His Crazy “Experiments” And Exciting Videos. His Usual Style Of Creation Is Electronic, But If He’s Not Doing That He Might Be Enjoying A Ride On His Roomba Bicycle Or Dropping Eggs From His Roof. Buy William Osman Merch Cat Warehouse Merch White Unisex Tshirt Blend Hoodie Long Sleeve Crewneck Sweatshirt

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About William Osman

William osman (born june 8, 1991) is an american youtuber and engineer based currently in ventura county, california. His eponymous youtube channel features invention-based builds and challenges, including testing dummy fingers in car windows, building a scrap boat for a competition, and challenging other popular youtube personalities to an egg drop competition.

Prior to youtube, osman used his degree in mechanical and electrical engineering to work with mri machines, exploration vehicles, and military testing equipment. He is also the host of the safety third podcast

William started off by making more serious educational videos, but would start to gravitate to more comedic educational videos by the following year. Seemingly, his first successful video was “Can a laser melt sand?”, which was also posted in 2016. In december of 2017, william’s house burnt down, on which he made two videos about.

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